There are many things that can cause your basement to get wet, it can be a landscaping issue, a lack of gutters, cracked walls, or in many circumstances, ground water coming up through the floor cracks and foundation seams where the wall meets the floor. The Top Pictures are the installation process of Interior Drain Tile and sump pits.  Interior drain tile is the ultimate fix for a wet basement. We go through and jackhammer along the footing on the edge of the wet basement then we dig out the sub floor material which usually consists of dirt or clay. We then bring in red river rock to put in the trench sloping it towards the sump pit that we have installed.  The drain tile then goes on top of the graded rock with more rock holding it down. After this, concrete is poured over top to restore the portion of floor that was tore out.  Our drian tile systems are guaranteed to keep your basement dry and they also allow for the walls to drain so you  not need to worry about moisture coming from either the wall or the floor.  The top five rows of pictures are of the drain tile insallation process.  The pictures on the bottom are of some of our handyman work.

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